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Ready to invite a new companion into your home?
Check out our FAQs!

Q. Is there a minimum age to adopt? 

A: Yes, you must be at least 21 years of age to adopt from our organization.

Q: Do you adopt to people from out of state?

A: Definitely, we have had adopters come from all over! However, we do require potential adopters to meet the dog in their foster home. What does this mean? We want you to meet the dog in their current space. If you have current pets, we would love for you to bring them along so they can all meet. Kids, spouses? Yes, it's important for all to meet to be able to make the best decision.

Q: What if I live in an apartment?

A: We do adopt out to rentals, however will need to validate with your landlord/property mgmt company that dogs are allowed, and if any restrictions are in place. We do our best to provide information on each dog's bio whether an apartment, condo, or space with shared walls is a good fit and the best environment for them.

Q: Do I need a secure fence?

A: We assess all of our dogs while in their foster homes what the best environment is for them and do our best to keep their bios current with their specific environmental needs. While some dogs may do great in an apt and rely on walks, others need a safe space to decompress and/or if a home with a yard, their behavior may require a secure yard.

Q: Are there other requirements for adoption to be aware of?

A: We do require existing pets in the home to also be spayed/neutered. This is part of our mission to help combat the pet overpopulation. We recognize there may be a medical situation that may restrict it and will discuss further in those situations. We also validate that existing pets are current on their vaccinations, i.e., distemper/parvo combo and rabies. We recognize that sometimes vaccines on older dogs may fall behind so it serves as a reminder to get them in if you're considering adoption. Wellness exams in general are good for your companions. Note: Rabies is required by state law.

Q: What if the dog I submitted an application for is adopted?

A: That does happen, but your application will stay active for 30 days. If you see another dog that arrives and catches your interest, send us an email and request for your application to be processed for that animal.

Q: How long does the whole process take to adopt?

A: Great question. Upon submission of your application, you will be updated within 24-72hrs of submission, whether your application is being processed, additional info is requested, and/or if another application is ahead of yours. Note: sometimes with a litter of puppies we may receive several applications at once but will still do our best to provide updated information within the same week. Upon approval of your application, the foster home will reach out to you to provide more information about the dog and to set up a meet/greet to meet the dog. This is important because our fosters know their dogs very well and can share unique qualities about them. If you proceed to the meet/greet, if all goes well at the meeting and you and the foster home agree it's a good fit, you complete the adoption at that time.

Q: I have a trip coming up. However does that work if I meet a dog but can't adopt for another week or two?

A: We understand that the excitement of adoption can sometimes trump thinking about your schedule. However, we ask that you consider your schedule when it comes to welcoming a pet in, whether that is scheduling time off from work, considering upcoming trips, etc. If you meet a dog at a meet/greet, but can’t adopt for another week, be aware the dog will remain up for adoption. If they are still available when you are ready, you can finalize the adoption then. This helps us to open up our foster homes and continue to accept in new dogs.

Q: What are your adoption fees?

A: Take a look at our adoption page for a break down of fees by age. Note: we only accept cash or check at this time but are looking at e-payments in the future.

Q: Are Adoption Fees refundable?

A: Adoption Fees are not refundable. As much as we recognize that some placements may not be the right fit, we put a lot of effort into providing as much information as possible, as well as completing meet and greets and ask adopters to understand the commitment they are making when choosing to adopting an animal. We keep our adoption fees low in order to provide individuals a chance to adopt an animals. With that said, we typically do not make any profit on our adoptions due to the cost of their medical and overall care while in our organization.

Q: I want to adopt a puppy but want to wait longer for them to be altered. Is that allowed? 

A: All licensed animal shelters and animal rescues are required to spay or neuter dogs and cats prior to release to a prospective owner. Exceptions are only allowed if a licensed veterinarian declares in writing that a sterilization procedure could jeopardize the life or health of the dog. MSHR has been in support of pediatric spay/neuter since opening in 2011.

Q: We want to adopt two puppies from the same litter to let them grow up together. Is this allowed?

A: We do not adopt our littermates. As much as it seems like a fun idea, most littermates will start to fight for independence and become an issue. Instead of adopting a sibling, we recommend that you start with one dog and get them situated in the home and routine, and allow them to get acclimated into your family. After 30 days if you feel you're ready for a second dog, we welcome you to apply for a second dog at that time. 


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